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November is the month when people from all over the world decide whether to do one of two things. They decide if they have time in between work and their lives to write 50000 words in thirty days. For those who aren't working but may have busy lives, they make the same decision. Their second decision, once they've started, is how are they going to manage to accomplish 50000 words?

The chosen topic and genre play a major role in the depth of interest and imagination needed to keep them slogging through their writing. It does seem, at some point, that they have bitten off more than they can chew as life, family, and/or work aren't interested in what Nanowrimers are trying to accomplish.

That's where motive comes into play. The question of why anyone would decide to take on such a challenge. For some, if writing is their livelihood, it can be a kick start to a new novel. For others, it may be the challenge that calls them to take that pen or keyboard in hand and they may or may not be motivated, once they've finished, to continue until they do have a novel that they might decide to self-publish or follow the usual pathways and try to get recognized by a publisher.

Regardless of the reasons behind participating in Nanowrimo, Nanowrimers can be proud of their accomplishment. Nanowrimo is not for the faint of heart and I applaud your willingness to take your writing to the next level and congratulate you on your accomplishment.

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