Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm August 30, 2015 It is common to be asked where I get my ideas for stories or scenes from. An oft repeated adage is write what you know. As an example, I'd have to use the last thirty hours without power as the windstorm swept throu Sitting in my backyard watching our 50' cedar trees' numerous wide branches swaying like banshees. Hearing the crack cracking of a branch and not knowing where it came from. Making a run for the house because it was too nerve wracking to observe the wind's power as it howled through the trees. It's not common to hear the wind howling in the city. Those are definitely a scene in some future story that I might write in the future. Then there

Converting PDF to Word 2013

My least favourite thing in writing is the moment when the program freezes and, although it might auto save, you have to check to see how far it actually saved. Converting a document from PDF to Word 2013 is one of the better ways to do it according to CNET but there are several glitches like FREEZING! There are also changes in formatting and spacing. Free PDF converters have their glitches and are meant for short PDF documents and are the way to go if it is a onetime document that you want to convert. If you need to convert PDF's frequently, then you are better off paying a monthly fee to ADOBE.

Sadness brings Inspiration

I was recently asked where I got my writing inspiration; experience, tragedy, joy. There are those adages that say, 'write what you know,' 'show don't tell'. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, times of sorrow make us look deep within ourselves and often cause us to change something about our lives or some quality within ourselves...we find our voice...and then we write. It doesn't negate the tragedy or the trials we endure but it allows us to make it less severe and, perhaps, shorter, and more endurable.

Summer Holiday

I call myself a weekend writer; I write on weekends and holidays when school is not in session. My writing often gets put on hold from September to June as teaching doesn't leave me much energy to do anything else except for to survive until summer. For the last year, my manuscript has been making the back and forth trip from my desk to my editor's desk. When July rolled around, I made the final changes and submitted it. It is now in the production stage to which, I am spending the weekend proofing the entire novel for any changes that they may have made. Basically, I'm re'reading the entire thing for the umpteenth time. I have to say umpteenth because I have no idea how many times I'v

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