I Cannot Tell A Lie

If I said, "I love going to the dentist," I'd be lying. I dread it. I'd rather be fishing. Actually, I'd rather be doing practically anything but being at the dentist. As I sit here typing with a nice hot pack on my jaw joint I'm thinking there has to be a better option. You would think with all of the focus on technology that the practice of dentistry would make astonishing leap forwards - no offense to dentists intended. Yes, dentistry has improved when it comes to immediacy of x-rays and their presentation on the computer screen along with numerous other improvements. However, after my recent crown, the pain didn't go away. (Both the upper and lower molar in this situation). I was


First we tried list poems and personification Haikus were the best Surprisingly, teaching grade six students list poetry wasn't as easy as you might expect. It did get easier if we used a starting point and an end point such as getting out of bed and then adding all of the steps in between getting out of bed and leaving the house. A recipe made a great list poem for one student. How to take care of a pug or puppy was another idea that worked. Personification - where an inanimate object took on human qualities or emotions was difficult at first but we found that, by reading the poem aloud without sharing the title first worked because, if the object could be guessed correctly, then that wo

Why Don't You Teach Poetry?

If you're not familiar with our school system, you might not know that many classes aren't made until the first week or even second week of school has gone by. This is more of an inner city phenomenon, I've been told, because of high transiency. It also has to do with the districts, who always want to save money wherever they can and therefore schools have to wait until the district approves the classes Simply, a combination needs to be found to have an optimal number of students in a class so that new staff doesn't need to be hired. It also means that some teachers have to look for a new position. Splits are created, teachers hired or relocated. For the teachers it means that we have st


If I recall an earlier post, I said that I write mostly on weekends and holidays and that it would be unlikely that I would receive the proofs to work on before my day job - teaching - started. It did not surprise me to come home and find it waiting in my email on my very first day of school. It's not even 9 PM and I can barely keep my eyes open. I did print out all 374 pages of it to re-read and perhaps, if I have time.....on the weekend, I'll make some progress.

Doing the Math and Setting a Goal

​​​​​ If I wrote 1000 words a day, I would have the remaining 75,000 words written and that means my first draft in 75 days. 1500 words a day would mean it would take 50 days to write the remainder. Then there's the work math, fortunately for me I'm only working 80% this year so I'd have a 3-day weekend. So, 12 days a month for 6 months and I'd have my first draft. Put that all together, I can have the sequel to Strange Reality done by April, 2016. I will set that as my goal and now that I have done it, another thought popped into my head; Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) which is in November. Nanowrimo happens every year in November. Signing up to participate means accepting th

New Beginnings

I spent part of my day on the second book by typing out my chicken scratch notes into my laptop. And, as I got to the end of my meager 1000 words, 6 hand-written pages, I was already picturing a very complicated twist. I also somehow need to incorporate about 24,000 words that I'd previously written. Hopefully, I can make a smooth transition somewhere because it would be a shame to lose the 24,000 words.


One thing about writing, whether it's poetry, short stories or novels, is having someone to read it and give feedback. Writing.com is one of the longest running websites that I know of that lets a writer of any type of genre get involved. Signup is free and you, the writer, get to develop your own portfolio. If you've checked out my website you'll see a portfolio link that takes you to my portfolio on writing.com. Yes, if you're curious you can read my attempts at sonnets, free verse, and, let's say, a few other interesting items but that's not why I'm writing today. I just wanted to share this site which is celebrating its fifteenth year of existence. It allows a person to get involved

Skeletons in the Closet

No real skeletons in the closet just projects that have sat so long that the only logical thing to do is to start over and by starting over I don't mean get rid of it. I mean type it again. I've done it in the past, when I wanted to get back into the story and back into the rhythm of writing. In the case of my, hopefully one day, second novel that's what I need to do. I don't know if that's what other people do with their 'skeletons' but that's what I need to do. Considering how busy I've been with Strange Reality, I can't believe I want to dive in again.

My Day Job

As the school year looms on the horizon, I am filled with dread. It seems like my personal life goes on hold for ten months of the year. I'm not too happy about it but it's highly unlikely to change and that means that soon I must put my teacher hat on, say good bye to summer, and put my writing aside. It happens every year despite my good intentions to keep on writing. Will this year be any different? Perhaps, with the completion of Strange Reality, I will be more motivated to write because I'll know that the fruit of my labours will be concrete instead of wishful thinking.

How I Spent My Summer

If you've seen my web page, you've read that I do the majority of my writing on weekends and holidays when school is not in session. This summer has played out a lot like other summers. I did some new writing on the sequel to Strange Reality...that will be my next project now that I have finally as of twenty minutes ago, sent off the proof form for the interior of the book. Being a novel writer sounds like such a romantic concept as we imagine inspiration flying perfectly onto pages. I wish that were true but after spending uncountable hours proof-reading and making changes over the summer - let's not forget all those holiday weekends and last summer - I'm exhausted. I am also relieved..

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