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The First Christmas Movie of 2020

The first Christmas movie of 2020 and it's only October. It wasn't until the movie was reaching its conclusion, where the sentimentality is at its highest, that a ball of emotion threatened to make me tear up. I could feel it in my eyes. I forced it down so nobody could see my weakness.

I hate Christmas for some reason. Is it because it is almost always a let down? Why is it a letdown? Is it a life time accumulation?

My earliest Christmas memory would have to be when we moved to Jasper National Park. My dad had accepted a position at Jasper Bakery. It was winter, a very harsh cold winter and for us, we were a family of six having to live above the bakery in a cramped one-bedroom.

We had to climb the wooden stairs to reach our new home. There was no Christmas tree. There would not have been any room with the slanted ceiling and cramped quarters.

Yet, on Christmas Eve, a short time later, there was a loud knocking on the door and there stood Santa.

I don't remember the gifts my three brothers received. Mine was a miniature set of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I remember her white dress.

Shortly after Christmas, we moved into a two bedroom house at 202 Patricia Street. I never saw Snow White again.


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