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I know many reviews of the latest Cinderella movie aren't positive and the below Film Festival Today review was the closest that I could find that mentioned female empowerment. This movie puts women in stereotypical powerless roles that emphasize how they must give up their dreams. This movie nails that aspect of being female I'm sure to many. But that's not the only message as there's the message of not giving up on one's dreams that applies to everyone regardless of their gender.

I agree with many of the reviews that there were moments of inanity and froth. The stepmother's role was redeeming and novel while the prince was immature but what a singer! Awesome job of Queen's, Find Me Somebody to Love. Some of the vocals were shaky while others were amazing. The fairy 'god mother' aka the butterfly, great voice. Kudos to the creator for putting such challenging music to a new era of singers and for challenging the stereotypical old-school perception of Cinderella.

Film Festival Today:

"[T]he message of female empowerment, even when it feels like it was designed by committee, transforms what could have been just froth into something a little more solid."


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