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Strange Reality is on the shelf from May 25th - July 9th at Indigo on Broadway and Granville, Vancou

I'm guilty of getting waylaid by my job, with all that it entails. Usually from September to June, I do very little writing which is a big regret to me. Such is life. The positive side is that work provides new characters, new details, and new scenes that I can use somewhere in the future.

I haven't been wholly idle though as I have my book available at and have set up an author page with The e-book is available on ( and I'm trying to set up some free books on (

I have finished the Hollywood coverage component of my book which is designed with that, far off, dream of it becoming a movie. It made me realize, as I proofread their synopsis, that I needed to set them straight on a few of their details.

What else is new? Indigo, located at Broadway and Granville, Vancouver, is scheduled to stock my book from May 25th - July 9th. They are only stocking 8 copies to see if there is an interest and will consider bringing more in if there is an interest. They've informed me that my book, Strange Reality, is on their "Books with Buzz" wall.

Lastly, I've been informed that arrangements for my book signing are underway and I hope to be sending out invitations soon. So all in all, I may have been busy with work but I've made progress in other areas.

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