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Internet Stalking App.

I must admit that even after disabling the blog reminder, I still get reminded, and it borders on the tip of psychopathic internet stalking by an app, to update my blog. Who'd have thought that was possible? Who in their right mind can blog every day? It must get to the point of filling up space with trivial things or narcissistic and being able to fill up space in self-glorification both of which I guess is done more often than not. Beyond a doubt the writing would be vacuous or trite. So, dear blog reminding stalker app. I will continue to collect those reminders, I say collect because sometimes weeks can go by before I sign on to the site and things add up rather quickly. When something amazing happens, I guess I must be living in the moment instead of pausing to write it down and wreck the moment. I guess I'm an after thought blogger. LOL. And yes, if you're reading my blog and a victim of that blog reminding stalker app that just won't turn off let me know what you think about blogging and hopefully the cure for the stalking app.

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