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Expect the Unexpected.

This afternoon a Northern Flicker (a type of woodpecker) flew into my classroom from my open door. It flew in, did a turn and hit the window. It then did another turn and flew to the opposite side of the class and hit the other window.

First I had to get the class to be quiet and remain seated as I tried to catch our visitor. Once I caught her, I stepped out and released her. She flew off. I was thankful that she hadn't been injured. Coincidentally, the principal was outside and was just coming around the corner of the school. What he saw was me stepping out of the classroom, and just like the movies, throwing my hands up to release the woodpecker and the woodpecker flying off into the distance.

The class was enthralled and I'm sure they went home with a story to tell to their parents. The odds of a bird flying into a room? Who knows? The odds of a woodpecker flying into a room? Hard to imagine.

What's most important is the stories that this unexpected event will lead to whether it's my own or one of my students' stories. As a writer, the unexpected can make for some great story ideas.

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