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Driving home from a weekend get-away, Carina Douglas finds most of her town razed to the ground and devoid of life. She discovers an enigmatic tapestry, as she walks through the rubble, depicting four scenes that show the Earth’s destruction and resurrection. Carina reads the words embroidered into the tapestry: And the time will come when a stranger to the land will wield the power of the Dragon and Phoenix to end the conflict and bring about peace to the land. It dawns on her that she is living in two realities. In one reality, she needs to recover from her recent divorce, graduate from university, and get a job. In the other reality, she needs to get an assignment from the controlling Keeper government, try not to fall into hands of the rebels who want to end Keeper control and, most importantly, avoid being bonded with the post powerful Keeper of them all. Ultimately, Carina's role becomes clear but not until she goes through trials and tribulations that test her sanity and strength. She ends up with help from the most unlikely people, a detective from Kamloops who finds out about her secret life and is dragged into the other reality, a Keeper’s wife who betrays the society in search of her kidnapped daughters, and the abductee who kills the man who imprisoned her. All come together in the Wasteland.

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