Doing the Math and Setting a Goal

September 6, 2015



If I wrote 1000 words a day, I would have the remaining 75,000 words written and that means my first draft in 75 days. 1500 words a day would mean it would take 50 days to write the remainder.  


Then there's the work math, fortunately for me I'm only working 80% this year so I'd have a 3-day weekend.   So, 12 days a month for 6 months and I'd have my first draft.  Put that all together, I can have the sequel to Strange Reality done by April, 2016.


I will set that as my goal and now that I have done it, another thought popped into my head; Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) which is in November.  Nanowrimo happens every year in November.  Signing up to participate means accepting the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  I hadn't planned to participate this year but it is an option to consider.  It would mean writing, on average, 1666 words a day for 30 days over and above working all day.


If I follow the 1000 words a day on my non-working days, I'll already have 25,000 words and that means, if I do Nanowrimo, I'd have 75,000 words by the end of November.  O.M.G.  That's an entirely different goal.  I'd have my sequel by Christmas.


What to choose?

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